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Wish List

We often want things for the group which maybe are a little expensive or are nice to haves that someone might have a spare of at home. This page provides a wish list of things that the group is after;

Things you might have at home

  • New tin opener
  • Leg plates – blocks to go under table or chair legs to stop them sinking into the mud
  • 8mm Quick release gas fittings
  • Hurrican Lamps
  • Tent Lights
  • Gaffer tape
  • Tent waterproofer
  • Old iPhones (We use these as group cameras and the more we have the more photos the kids can take)
  • Clothes Pegs
  • Tent Pegs
  • Old working laptops (don’t worry about having software on we can sort that)

Things that require time

  • Re waterproof our colman shelter
  • Wash tents
  • Make bag for our flag pole (we have the fabric)
  • Make blackout curtains for the Scout Hut (we might have a sewing machine day for any parents who want to come and help)
  • Painting the windows of the Scout Hut
  • Repair broken tent poles
  • Finish painting the mural on the leaders cupbaord in the scout hut
  • Tent repairs

Expensive Things

  • Beta 350 Tents (
  • New patrol tent poles
  • New 4.5m Colman shelter (
  • 3 * 4.5 colman shelter doors (
  • Large Play parachute
  • Replacing the faciure of the Scout Hut
  • Repair / Replacement poles for our large mess tent

If you have any of these items or can provide them please let your section leader know.

If you would like to get funding for one of these items and need information please email

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