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Waiting List

1st Howden Scouts (St. Peters) is based in Howden, East Yorkshire.

Our waiting list is stored on a system called Online Scout Manager. To add your child to the waiting list, please fill in to the form by using the button below;

There is one waiting list for all of our sections so it dosen’t matter how old your child is once they are 5 they can go on our waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about our waiting list, here is a list of the most common:

My child is almost 6, 8 or 10 when will they be asked to join?

All sections invite new starters at the start of each  school term.

There are many factors that we consider when taking off the waiting list including:

  • How many people are in the section already
  • How many people are moving into or out of the section over the next term
  • If a parent is acting as a leader
  • Is someone transfering from another group
  • If they have any siblings in the group
  • How long someone has been on the waiting list

Once your child is on the waiting list you wil be contacted once a space is avaliable for them.

Is my child on the waiting list?

You can check this by using our cheker:
Waiting List Checker

How does my child join the waiting list?

Our waiting list is managed using Online Scout Manager (OSM) so the quickest way to add your child to the list is to add them yourself:

Join Waiting List

How will you contact me?

We will generally email or text you as this allows our volunteers to invite everyone who has a space in one go giving them more time to make their section fun.

If we can’t get hold of you via email or text we may to try and call you but this is done at the leaders discression.

If after trying to contact you via email or text we cannot get a response we will remove your child from the waiting list.

Can I be on the waiting list for multiple groups

Yes, we recommend that if your child is on the waiting list for Howden Scout Group you also look at:

As you may get a space their sooner.

Scout Sections:

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