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I need to pick my child up early

Please talk to the leaders before booking onto the camp as we may not be able to accommodate this as we may be off site the numbers on camp may preclude this.

Please only request that your child leaves early in exceptional circumstances

Can I pick my child up as soon as I get to camp?

Whilst we try to allow you to take your child as soon as you get to the camp we cannot always allow this. If we still have equipement to pack we may ask for the Cubs to stay and help, we do this as the leaders want to get home as well, many groups require everyone to meet back at the Scout Hut after the camp to help put equipement away, we are lucky as most of our equipement lives in the trailer so we dont have to do this.

Can I help on Camp?

Yes, we would love you to come and help on camp. We need you to have a Scout DBS

You can also help by taking some of the equipement home for us to wash or dry.

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