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At Howden Cubs we try our best to offer lots of activities outside our normal meetings. Below are some of the events that we have coming up this term. We will have other events planned for the future.
To find out more about how we run our events, visit the Joining Information Page.
You can also watch some of our videos from other camps

This Terms Events

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Our Promise

We know that most of the Cubs love to go on camps and activities but we know it might not always be possible for them to go on everything. At Howden Cubs we promise to offer a range of events that fit different intrests, budgets and overnight options.

Overnight options

Were possible short overnight options will be offered as well as longer camps as well as activities with no overnight element of them. At some events we may be able to allow pickup overnight.

We promise to have a mix of sleeping accomodations from the Scout Hut, to indoor venues with beds and camping in tents, hammocks or even under the stars.


We promise to offer a range of camps to suit different budgets. Our most expensive camps include CubJam every 3 years and we offer to help with payment for this. Our yearly Summer camp is priced higher than a normal camp to allow for more activities, however, in 2020 we have introduced a £20 camp in the summer holidays called Kick Back Camp. We also offer day activities between £5 and £15 depending on the activity as well as out film nights for £5.

If you need to pay for any camp over a period of time please talk to Akela.

If you cannot afford any activities, or are stuggling to pay for an activity, we do have some funds to help please see our finacial policy or talk to Akela.

Past Events

Podcast Camp

We recorded a Podcast in a weekend, why not listen to it;

Game Cast Podcast Logo

Link to podcast page

Summer Camp

Air Activities Camp

Indoor Camp 2019

National Railway Museum

Williams Den 2019

Ice Skating 2018

Chef Day 2018

JOTI 2018

Castle Camp

Summer Camp 2018

London Camp 2018

Indoor Camp 2018

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