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Environmental Promise

We are all responsible for our environment, if we all make small changes we can make a big difference to our world.

Howden Cubs have set our to promise to make a number of small changes to the way we run our section and activities to help improve our environment.

Our Change Promises

Water Bottles

To reduce need for single use water bottles, we have a number of spare re-usable water bottles for use on camps.


As Howden Cubs we give out lots of badges, previously we have given out badges in plastic envelopes, from now on we will only buy paper envelopes to award badges with. We will not bin any plastic envelopes but use them until we run out. Parents and Cubs are encouraged to bring back any plastic envelopes to be reused for more badges.


We laminate documents at Cubs to help them last either wen it is wet or when we use them again and again.

We promise that we will only laminate documents when;

  1. They need to survive a potentially wet camp or activity
  2. They are going to be used on more than two activities
  3. We need to draw and wipe off additional information (arrival / departure times on a hike)
  4. They are being used as part of a display in a high traffic area

Where possible we will use laminated documents as small whiteboards once their life as a poster has finished.

Plastic Bags

We promise that no plastic bag will be used only once, we will re use plastic bags for;

  1. Going shopping the next time
  2. Using as dirty clothes bags
  3. Using as bin bags
  4. Using to store items between camps

Plastic Straws

Howden Cubs promise never to buy any plastic straws again. We will continue to use the existing straws until we run out.

Food waste

Where ever possible Howden Cubs will try to ensure food waste is kept to a minimum.

Small changes can make a big impact

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