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Howden Cubs Code of Conduct

The Cubs Will

  • Listen to the leaders
  • Always do their best
  • Not talk over others
  • Follow instructions
  • Be helpful
  • Not bully on another
  • Not be violent
  • Be friendly
  • Play fairly
  • Come to Cubs in the correct uniform
  • Not answer back

The Sixers and Seconders Will

  • Help the leaders
  • Act as role models for the other Cubs
  • Attend planning meetings when they can

The Leaders Will

  • Always come with activities and games
  • Look after the Cubs
  • Listen to what the Cubs want to do
  • Help the Cubs learn
  • Learn the Cubs names


Cub of the Month Points

  • 1 point for being at Cubs on time
  • 1 point for being in the correct uniform

Points will also be awarded for;

  • Answering questions
  • Being polite
  • Helping leaders

At the end of the month the Cub with the most points will get the Cub of the month woggle for the month and a trophy to take home to keep.

Cub of the Camp

Most camps will have a Cub of the Camp, you can get Cub of the Camp for;

  • Showing lots of improvement
  • Helping leaders
  • Trying new things, you didn’t like
  • Helping other Cubs

If you get Cub of the Camp you will get a special keyring to recognise it


If your behaviour is continually poor, you may be excluded from camps and activities.

If you get multiple red cards in a term, we will have a behaviour meeting with your parents.

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