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Howden Cubs SCUBA Diving

Posted on March 9th, 2015

Cubs Year of Adventure Logo 20151st Howden Scouts (St. Peters) Cub pack after a chilly night camping at Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite, set off to Askern Swimming pool near Doncaster in Yorkshire to take part in their very first SCUBA Diving experience as part of the Cubs Year of Adventure (a year of activities in preparation for the centenary of Cub Scouts in 2016). The Cubs had the all-important safety briefing and then dived in to take part in their much anticipated snorkelling races followed by their SCUBA Diving adventure complete with a SCUBA tank on their backs. All the Cubs who took part have achieved their PADI Bubblemaker qualification and their Cubs Water Activities Badge.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  The packs Akela and Baloo (Tom Turner and Jools Goodwill) had a surprise for the 3 newest Cubs (Jasmine, Jake and Isaac) who have recently joined 1st Howden Scouts as they were invested underwater along with their newest Cub Leader, George (Rachael Palmer).

A big BRAVO to everyone involved and a big thanks to Above and Below Diving Centre who ran the SCUBA session for the Cubs.

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