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Joining Letter


First, I would like to welcome you to the Cub Pack. Howden Cubs are very active and run lots of activities throughout the term and during the holidays. We believe that if we offer lots of activities it doesn’t matter your child misses some they still get the chance to do others. This email contains lots of information about what you need to do and how our section works. It is worth keeping this as some of the information may be useful to you later.

In your joining pack you will have;

  • Abseiling to Zorbing, a parent’s guide to scouting
    This is an introduction to Scouting for parents outlining the basics of what Scouting is
  • Young Person Information form
    You will need to fill this form in for your child and return it to the leaders.
  • Badge locations flyer
    This is a really useful flyer that is best kept with your sewing box for when your child gets their first badges
  • Young People First – Code of practice (Yellow Card)
    This is the code of practice for leaders
  • Stay Safe leaflet
    This is a useful guide for your child regarding staying safe
  • This letter


All the adults involved with Howden Scouts are volunteers. They have opted to give up their time to allow your child to get the Scouting experience, without the support of the adults there would be no Scouting. Any leader has been subject to a DBS check along with any adult who stays overnight on a nights away experience

At Howden Cubs we have 3 main leaders who each have a Cub name;

  • Akela – Tom Turner
  • Baloo – Jools Goodwill
  • George – Rachael Palmer

The Cubs are asked to call the leader by their Cub names, so they will be the ones you hear about.

We also have young leaders who are aged between 14 and 18 who come along to help.

Our Group Scout Leader who is in charge of the group is Peter Lamb. If you have any questions you do not feel you can bring to the Cub leaders, please send them to him;

[email protected]

We always need more help and there are a number of ways that you can do that. Whether it is helping every week as a leader or offering to take a place on our parent rota there is always something that you can do to help.

Weekly Meetings

Howden Cubs meet on a Wednesday night at Howden Scout HQ (Howden Secondary School, DN14 7AL) between 18:30 and 20:00. Please do not arrive before 18:25 as we will not be able to let your child in.

We meet every week when the schools are open, during school holidays we do not meet, if the Cubs are at school we will meet.

Subs are £15 per half term and are due at the start of the half term, these can be paid either by cash, cheque or online (see Payments).

On your first week if your child wears either their Beaver uniform or something comfortable to run around in and that can get muddy, and to make life easier if you could print and fill in the Young Person Information form from;

If not, we will give you a form to fill in when you arrive.

You can always see what we are doing at Cubs by visiting myScout. If your child cannot make a weekly meeting, please let us know as this helps us keep or costs as low as possible. You can let us know your child is not attending a meeting by texting or emailing;

Camps and Events

Details for camps and events are emailed out as soon as we have finalised the details.

The email will contain;

  • Event Details
  • Link to respond to the invitation
  • Other details regarding the event

Please click on the link in the email and let us know if your child is attending the event or not, knowing this helps us plan. Our events fill up quickly and so if your child wants to attend an event please use the link as soon as possible as event attendance is on a first come first served basis. If the event is full you will be invited to join the reserve list and if anyone drops out your child may be given the place, this also helps us to see which events we should try to run again.  If an event fills up quickly and we decide to run a similar event, we will give priority to those who were unsuccessful on the previous event.

Once you have accepted an event invite normally you will be asked to pay a deposit. These are non-refundable and secure your child’s place on the event. The remaining amount is normally due a week before the event (this may vary depending on our expenses), once paid this is normally non-refundable as we will have made the outlay for food, activities and camping which we may not be able to recoup.

Every activity outside of the normal meeting needs a permission form. This can be downloaded from;

If you think you have missed an email, you can always go online to myScout to check.

Types of camps

We have many different types of camps from very short Flash Camps and Film Camps (one night either in the Scout Hut or our campsite in Howden) to weekend camps doing an activity such as a walk or bike ride to large activity camps with hundreds of Cubs to our yearly Summer Camp which is a full week.

We don’t expect everyone to do everything but there should be something that anyone can do.

If your child has any additional needs you would like us to consider, please email;

[email protected]

Kit List

Every event will have a different kit list, from a simple day bag with a snack and a drink to a full kit bag.

We try to release the kit list as soon as possible.  The most up to date details are always stored on myScout and you will get a reminder about the event a week before with the final kit list on.

We have some simple guidance about what kit to buy on our website;


All the Cubs need for uniform is the Green Jumper, it is available from many suppliers including;

If you buy anything from The Scout and Guide Shop with your order, you will get a voucher. If you hand the voucher to the leaders we can use it to get a discount on the badges and other items that we order from The Scout and Guide Shop.

We also have a stock of second hand jumpers which are available for a donation.

Most of the cubs also get a cubs t-shirt to wear when it is hot etc. We will provide a necker and badges when they are invested (See investing).

If you are unsure of where to put the badges on your child’s uniform, visit;


Investing is when we officially make a young person part of the pack.  When they are invested they will get a necker, and a set of badges. If your child already has a necker from Beavers they can keep this, it saves the group £5 and means we have more money to spend on activities.

At Howden Cubs we believe that being invested should be special and as such we don’t invest in the Scout Hut, so far we have invested;

  • On a pirate ship out to sea
  • In an indoor caving experience
  • At the museums
  • On walks
  • Underwater

Because of this they may not be invested straight away as we will wait until they do any activity we can invest at. If you want your child to be invested at a normal meeting, please let us know and we will arrange this.

Before your child can be invested, they will need to know the Cub Scout Promise;

The Cub Scout Promise

I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
And to keep the Cub Scout Law

The Cub Scout Law

Cub Scouts always do their best
Think of others before themselves
And do a good turn every day


All payments can be made by cash or cheque on a Wednesday night (please bring this in at the start of the meeting to ensure that it is processed that week). Cheques made payable to ‘Howden Scout Troop’. Please avoid making payments at events and at other sections meetings as this delays adds workload onto the leaders and payments can be easily missed.

Payments can also be made online, when your first payment is due you will get an email inviting you to pay via GoCardless which is the company we use to process our online payments.  These are paid via a direct debit which makes the payment as cheap as possible for us.

You will receive email reminders for payments that are due, once these are paid the reminders should stop instantly, if after you have paid you still receive the reminders please let us know.


myScout is our online system. We store all our records online which makes the leaders lives easier giving them more time to dedicate to Scouting. Using myScout you can check the following information;

  • What’s happening at Cubs
  • What events are coming up
  • What events your child is booked onto
  • What payments are still due
  • What details we hold for you, you can also update this information (please note that this does not notify us during an activity

Most emails we send you will include a private link which will log you into myScout for your child. You can then sign up for an account if you want so you can login at any time;

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, or your child cannot attend a weekly meeting you can use one of the following methods to communicate with us;

Email – [email protected]

Phone / Text – 07970207309

Our Group Scout Leader who is in charge of the group is Peter Lamb. If you have any questions you do not feel you can bring to the Cub leaders, please send them to him;

[email protected]

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