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Cubs Program

06/09/2017Welcome Back
13/09/2017One Week Mix UpKnot of the week - Reef Knot Basic Mapping Personal Challenge Books Swimming Rules
20/09/2017Three Week Mix UpKnot of the week - Clove hitch Red - Fire Lighting Green - Christmas has come early Blue - ?
27/09/2017Three Week Mix UpKnot of the week - Round turn two half hitches Red - ? Green - Fire Lighting Blue - Christmas has come early
04/10/2017Three Week Mix UpKnot of the week - Bowline Red - Christmas has come early Green - ? Blue - Fire Lighting
11/10/2017Save a LifeKnot of the week - Figure of 8 CPR Burns Recovery Position Cuts
18/10/2017Save a Life (Cont.)Knot of the Week - Daisy Chain Burns Heat Exhaustion Cold Asthma Choking
25/10/2017GamesKnot of the week - Sheet Bend
08/11/2017A Field of PoppiesKnot of the week - Square lashing Making a field of poppies for Remembrance Sunday
15/11/2017Chip Tasting
22/11/2017Camping in the ColdKnot of the week - Truckers hitch
29/11/2017Advent Calendar
06/12/2017Putting it togetherPutting the knot books together Howden Best Chip Award
13/12/2017Panto Rehersal
20/12/2017Panto PerformanceArrive at Eastrington Village Hall 18:45 Parrents invited to join us at 19:30 We hope to be finished by 20:00

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